Extra Fees

Bowling: $3 per event

Golf: $30 green fee and half cart; includes lunch.

Triathlon: $45

Pickleball:  $10 referee fee

If you sign up for Fitness only, you need to pay the registration fee of $50. 

If you add Fitness as an additional event; there is no additional charge.

There is an extra $5 per event charge when you enter more than 6 events. The definition of an event is each event offered within a sport. For example: If you enter Pickleball and play singles, doubles and mixed doubles your fee would be the registration fee alone.

If you added the track and field events of the shot put, high jump, long jump and 100 Meter Dash you would have entered 7 events and owe an extra $5 for the 7th event. Your fee would be your registration fee plus $5.