Qualifying for Nationals

Qualifying for the 2021 National Senior Games Championships

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

November 5-18, 2021

  1.  You qualify if you place in one of the top four places in your gender and your age group in your event.  e.g. 2nd in table tennis mixed doubles or 3rd in the 5K road race or 4th in the javelin.
  1.  If an athlete from another state secures one of the top positions, then the next place finisher who is from Oklahoma would qualify for nationals.  If out-of-state athletes take the top four positions; then the next four Oklahoma athletes would qualify and eight athletes could qualify for nationals in that event, with that gender and that age group.
  1. Most events qualify the top four athletes; however, there are exceptions. In golf, only the top athlete in each gender and age group qualifies.  In tennis, only the top three qualify.
  1. If only one athlete or team signs up for an event in an age group with that gender, to qualify, they must play an exhibition match against at least one player or team.
  1. If you are part of a doubles team in any sport, tennis, table tennis, racquetball, bowling, pickleball, shuffleboard or cornhole and one of the partners is from out of state, your team is considered to be an out-of-state team and you must finish in the top four or in the case of tennis, the top three teams to qualify for nationals.  If you live more than six months out of the state of Oklahoma, you are considered an out-of-state athlete.  Doubles partners who qualify together do not have to play together at nationals.
  1. When a basketball, softball or volleyball teams sign up with members from multiples states, the captain declares which state they are representing.  If the captain does not declare, the state of the captain’s residence will be used.  Consult the NSGA Rulebook for comprehensive information on this topic as players can represent two teams if they are in different age groups etc.  http://demojaybirdsco2.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2021NSGRulebook12319.pdf
  1. Athletes in archery, golf, road race, power walk, race walk, swimming, and track and field may qualify by meeting the Minimum Performance Standards (MPS).  This is useful for athletes participating in very competitive gender or age groups in their sport.  E.g. if you place 5th or 6th or any place after 4th place in your age group and gender in the 50-meter dash, and your time is the same as or better than the MPS time, you qualify for national competition.  This score is calculated from the 6th place finisher from the previous National Senior Games, plus or minus 10% (plus for timed events; minus for distance and scored events).
  1. Athletes who qualify in the 5K road race also qualify for the 10K road race at nationals.  Cyclists who finish in the top four in the 20K road race qualify for both the 20K and 40K road races at nationals.
  1. Triathletes must submit verification of having completed one triathlon between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.  All Oklahoma triathletes have the opportunity to participate under the “limited” event criteria instead of participating in the Oklahoma Senior Games triathlon.
  1. For further clarification of NAGA qualifying rules, go to: http://demojaybirdsco2.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2021NSGRulebook12319.pdf